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Ghyll Head Blog 28/03/2019

After eventually arriving at lunchtime yesterday the children were eager to start activities straight away, the first being one of their favourite - eating. Eating lunch gave everyone the energy to carry bags to dorms and make their beds. Although the duvets and sheets nearly foxed some of us, we got there in the end and so began our first, outdoor activity of the week. 

While two groups went on an off-site adventure (walking up Gummers How) the remaining two groups stayed on site for a carousel of climbing, zip line and a ropes course. Great fun was had by all and everyone built up their appetite again for yet another meal: pizza and chips. 

Following tea, the children had a short amount of free time before heading out again for their nighttime activity: the night line. A totally different activity to previous years in complete darkness but judging by the screams one that was enjoyed by all. 

After a busy first day, the children enjoyed reflecting on the day with some hot chocolate and toast before heading to bed for some well earned, and much needed, rest ready to start today’s activities. 


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