Report on Why We Eat What We Eat presentation at Friday Coffee, October 14th 2016

Date: 3rd Nov 2016 @ 2:10pm

Robert, our school nurse, came to "Parents' Friday Coffee" to talk about "Why we eat what we eat." Robert delivers the healthy eating lessons to Alma Park children on Friday mornings, to all classes in years 1-6. It was very interesting to hear what our children are learning at school on this subject. He talked to us about the "healthy plate" concept and the various materials which children in different age-groups use to learn about health and nutrition. Also about the way the school lunches are designed to meet nutritional aims. Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable presentation!

Robert also gave an overview of other work that he does at the school, and outlined some of the services he can provide for Alma Park parents on Friday mornings at the beginning of the school day. These include:

  • Discussing your child's medication plans, e.g. asthma plans, or other medications which some children need to take during the school day.
  • Discussing pupil mental health and wellbeing
  • Discussing nutrition and healthy eating
  • Personal care advice, including advice on headlice control.
  • Referring pupils to other agencies for specific health concerns
  • Advice on a range of health issues

You will find Robert on Friday mornings greeting at the school gate, attending the canteen breakfast, or please ask at the office to make an appointment.

Thank you Robert for the useful information!

Thank you everyone for attending! We plan to have various other presentations from time to time at Parents' coffee. This half term, we are looking forward to a talk from Mr. Bullivant on "e-safety" and console games, which will be on December 9th. We also plan to welcome Robert again later in the school year for a "Healthy lunchbox workshop". Parents' coffee is on Fridays in the community room at 9am. Please keep an eye on parentmail for these and other future events.