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Ghyll Head 2017

Date: 5th Jun 2017 @ 11:06am

Ghyll Head 2017

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am sorry we cannot post pictures of every child onto our Ghyll Head 2017 blog. Sadly, as much as my colleagues would love to post a picture of everyone it is not practicable to do so. 

We will continue to show a small sample of pictures, along with a few words each day.

All families will, however, receive a  DVD of pictures from taken over the week; I am sure your child will enjoy sharing and talking about these pictures and their Ghyll Head adventures.

Best regards, Charles Parfitt

Day 1

Everybody arrived safely and excited. The weather hasn't been that great but the children have been positive and enthusiastic. We have been out walking all day in it. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2

Another glorious day on the Lakes. Kayaking, scrambling, hiking and zip-wiring joined by laughter, smiles and mud.

Day 3

We saw the sun today! Ms Houghton ad Mr Parfitt must have brought it with them from Manchester. Despite the improved weather, there were still plenty of opportunities to get wet - ghyll scrambling, canoeing on Windermere etc.

The evening's activity was following a Nightline; all of the adults were very impressed with the children's ability to work collaboratively on this.

The final task was for each of us to reflect upon and share our successes from the day. Many talked about overcoming fear of heights whilst on the zip wire and of deep water when they jumped into Windermere.

Afterwards, it was hot chocolate, toast, teeth, pj's and bed. Nearly everyone was asleep by 10:30.

Day 4

The rain poured down all morning so activities such as ghyll scrambling and caving were considered too risky to try. This wasn't a problem though as our instructors had plenty of alternative activities for us to enjoy.

Cathedral Cavern near the Langdales was one such alternative. This abandoned slate quarry has many safe tunnels to explore so we still had a chance to experience being underground and to hone some of the cooperative teamwork skills we had needed for the Night Line on Wednesday evening.

The rain stopped after lunch and although it was cloudy, windy and soggy we had fun with orienteering competitions and our traditional final night talent show. 

All children and adults were expected to have an act and they did! There was singing, dancing, drama, joke telling, practical jokes, sporting spoofs and magic..... all performed by the side of an impressive fire.

The last activity of the day was sharing thoughts on how well others had impressed us over the course of the week e.g. overcoming a fear of the darkness at Cathedral Cavern.

Everyone agreed they had also been impressed with their Ghyll Head instructors who have been brilliant over the week encouraging us to have a go at all of the activities even when we found them challenging. 

Day 5

It's not raining! There are thick clouds but the ground looks relatively dry so we may just get by until lunchtime without getting too wet. Today we have one group activity before the final bedroom inspection, lunch then homewards to Alma Park.

Mr Parfitt who judged the bedrooms on Thursday morning has said how impressed he has been with children's ability to keep their rooms neat and tidy. All the bedroom floors were clear of clothes which had been neatly folded and stored in orderly piles on the shelves and children had made their beds! They have done an amazing job! 

Mr Parfitt has said that this has been the best group ever for keeping their rooms so well and scores of 8, 9 and even a 10 out of 10 were awarded! In fact, all of our children have been very keen to show their bedroom tidying talents and score highly. 

Now, Mr Parfitt knows our children are far too shy and modest to tell their families about their bedroom tidying talents.... so he's letting families know on their behalf, to spare their embarrassment. Mr Parfitt has said he's sure these good habits will continue at home and he's certain many adults may be pleased to know this good news.

The coach is due to leave Ghyll Head just after lunch. Families are advised to check the website for updates as staff will contact the school office when setting off and when the coach is about ten minutes from Levenshulme. 

Alma Park Primary School

Errwood Road

Levenshulme, Manchester M19 2PF

T: 0161 224 8789

E: admin@almapark.manchester.sch.uk

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