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Ghyll Head 2016

Date: 7th Jun 2016 @ 9:03am

Day 1: Everyone arrived safety and were soon off on their first adventure. It was hot, very hot! The nighttime temperatures were high too.

We have five pictures of our Ghyll Head Heroes exploring the woodlands around the centre and a superb view of a Windermere sunset.

We will add more tomorrow morning 

Day 2The children have been busy enjoying great adventures. Some were  shooting down the zip wire and exploring the waters and Winderemere shoreline by canoe others went caving  in Yorkshire next to the Ribble Head viaduct. Everybody was brave and rose to the new and exciting challenges they faced.

Afterwards we  tucked into a tea of sausages and chocolate cake pudding then it was back out into the grounds to play the Alien Game, badminton and football.

The weather has been fantastic; warm and sunny and no thunderstorms (unlike Manchester). With all of that evening activity we needed more food and drink courtesy of Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Green. Everybody was very tired so slept well.

Day 3We were all enjoying cereals and hot crumpets for breakfast when Mr P and Ms Houghton arrived at Ghyll Head! Some extra adults had come to join in with the fun!

The plan was to swap the activities around ghyll scrambling, caving and canoeing followed by climbing and zip wires. Everything was going well until the thunder, lightening and rain came. It's not safe to be flying through the air hanging from a metal wire in a storm so we had a slight change to plans. Orienteering in the warm rain proved to be a super alternative.

However after a few hours the sun came though the clouds and we were able to zip wire after all! Orienteering became a bonus extra activity!

After tea Ms Houghton and Mr G drove back to Manchester and we played team building games. These were very difficult to do at first, but with practice, co-operation, cheering and by encouraging each other we became very slick.

After supper we shared our thoughts on the success of the day; who and what had impressed us and why. It's great to know that there were so many instances of children and adults being caring, helpful  and appreciative towards each other.

Everyone (children) was in bed and lights out by 10 p.m., as many of us were very tired. Three days of adventures was taking its toll!

And finally....
Dear "Bloggers", thank you for your comments on our blog. We will try to post some pictures from all of the groups so other families can see how their Ghyll Head Heroes are getting on. But don't worry, if time and logistics prevent us from showing more children...we will give all families a CD of with many, many  pictures from Ghyll Head 2016.

Day FourAnother warm and sunny day, the weather was superb. Some of us revisited Windermere to consolidate and extend our canoeing skills whilst others faced the usual exciting challenges underground or clambering around Ghyll Head's rope course

The ghyll scrambling session was even better today as overnight rain had increased the flow and volume of water! The children weren't the only ones being impressive; Liam the instructor bravely dived into deep water to rescue two sunken wellies that had somehow escaped their wearers feet!

Back on site we ended the day with a campfire, performances and recollections of the day/week. It was heartwarming to hear the wonderful comments our children made. Bloggers I hope you get chance soon to ask your child about these circle time reflective sessions and what was said!

Day FiveAs I write the sky is overcast, so there may not be too much sun today! There are morning activities lined up; some on site some not too far away walking up Gummers How and appreciating the beauty of Windermere. Then it's lunch,  load up the coach and head back to Alma Park to be reunited with loved ones. Bloggers please keep in touch with the office to find out the coach's expected time of arrival.

Stop Press! 

Breaking News...

Fire alarm sounds at Ghyll Head!

False alarm!

All safe!

At 7:00 a.m. our Ghyll Head Heroes were awoken by a false alarm. Everyone got out of the building very quickly as is to be expected. Unfortunately someone was a little late because he was in the shower. 

Being an inclusive school meant that Mr Rose, who has been camping in a beautiful spot overlooking Windermere, wasn't allowed to miss out on the fun. Out Heroes ensured he had chance to join in by running around his tent making very loud alarm noises. 

I'm sure that this was an improvement on the pheasant that has been waking him up every other morning! He has declined to comment.

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