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23rd June - Talk By Dave Cooke, Governor

Date: 18th Jul 2017 @ 2:36pm

On Friday 23rd June, as part of our "Friday Parents' Coffee" talks series, we had a talk by Dave Cooke, who has been an Alma Park governor for 17 years.

This was a fascinating look at how volunteers including parent governors and coopted governors work so hard  to help make our school the friendly, successful and happy place that it is. 

Dave Cooke talked about his experiences in education here in the UK and in Africa. He went on to explain the background of what makes Alma Park special, what the challenges are to the governor team, and the day to day business of making our school fun, equitable, educational and fair.

The governors comprise a large team with a diverse skill set - from Finance, Health and Safety, Education and many more.

Thank you for a very interesting and informative talk!

If anyone has any questions about governors, then do collar them at school events - the governors now sport exciting yellow T Shirts saying "Ask Me". This is one part of the bid to make our school transparent and accessible.

I will try to make the powerpoint available on this page shortly, together with photos.

Thank you for a great talk!

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