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The Eco schools programme provides a  simple framework that enables schools to analyse their operations and to become more sustainable.  The scheme is based on a genuine desire to help children to become more effective citizens by encouraging them to take responsibilty for the future of their own environment. It is about encouraging all members of our school to look at the way they impact upon the environment.

Pupil voice is very important at Alma Park and is a key part of the Eco-Schools programme. Our Eco Committee have been central to the process and have been involved in the auditing, action planning and decision making. The eco schools programme has helped us to integrate environmental and sustainabilty issues into the life of our school through exploring the eight themes:

* Litter

* Waste minimisation

* Energy

* Water

* Transport

* School grounds bio-diversity

* Healthy living

* Global perspective

By following the programme and working through the different award levels, from Bronze to Green Flag our school has been able to reduce the environmental impact of the whole school on the community. We have linked our learning to other initiatives such as healthy schools, international awareness and Peace Mala.


Alma Park Eco Code

At Alma Park we

Respect nature,

Don’t waste paper,

Turn off the lights.

Make the school work right,

We turn off our PCs

To save electricity,

Our lunches are wealthy

Because we are healthy,

At Alma Park

We respect the Eco Code.

Litter Pickers

A team of children are have been doing a fantastic job of keeping our school grounds litter free this year. We would like to ask our parents/carers to help us with this. We have done a litter audit to find out the times when there seemed to be most litter. We found out that most litter seems to be left behind at home time.  We have placed an extra bin in the infant playground. If you give your child(ren) a snack at home time, please could you make sure that any wrappers, skins or peel go into the bins provided. Thank you for your support.


We are always thinking about ways that we can reduce the amount of waste that we create by reusing and recycling as much as we can.  Currently, the things we recycle include: paper, cardboard, plastic, tins, glass, clothes, shoes, bedding, pens, ink cartridges and silver foil.


Thank you to everyone who joined millions of people around the world by taking part in WWF’s global annual phenomenon, Earth Hour, on Saturday 28 March. In the UK, millions switched off to take part in an event which saw over 7,000 towns and cities in over 150 countries take part. This year the focus has been on climate change. On Friday the 27th of March we switched of all the lights and computers for one hour.



At Alma Park we have done a great deal of work to develop our knowledge and understanding of issues relating to sustainability and the world environment.  Our work has led us to achieve our Eco Schools Green Flag Award and Peace Mala Accreditation.  We have a very strong inclusive ethos at Alma Park and embrace and celebrate our differences and try to treat others the way we would like to be treated. In the last 6 or 7 years, our school grounds have undergone some major changes.  These include:

  • new playground markings
  • new playground equipment
  • the development of the teletubby hills
  • the outdoor classrooms
  • games courts
  • storytelling area
  • clearing of Thornlea
  • large play equipment in the EYFS

The Peace Garden offers a space for quiet reflection.  A number of children in KS2 developed the area by painting symbols of peace on the flag stones and on large stones that form a path.  Different flowers, plants and herbs offer a sensory element.  The staff and children have further developed the area by adding wind chimes and mobiles.  

As well as being a space for quiet reflection, the peace garden is a ‘teaching’ space where peace is explored in nature and where symbols of peace are created through sculptures, art, music and story-telling.  It also creates a sustainable space that needs to be cared for, bringing us into contact with the cycles of nature.

Watch this space for further developments.  Also, take a look at our Peace Mala page.

Bike Right & Bikeability

We continue to offer cycling proficiency training through the Bike Right and Bikeability schemes. This year this was extended to the children in Year one. They thoroughly enjoyed their time.

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