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Our main event of the school year is our Summer Fair.  This is usually held around the end of May and is a fantastic community event with food and drink and games and is a lot of fun for adults and children alike.  Preparations for the fair begin in spring and we are always looking for people who can volunteer time to help organise the fair- even if you're unable to attend on the day itself.  There are often lots of little jobs to be done so even if you only have half an hour to spare you can be a big help!

We usually have a big sign-up board available in the playground in the weeks leading up to the event, where those people who would like to man a stall or get involved on the day can put their name down.

If you think you'd like to be involved you can approach any of the PTA members in the playground or come along to Friday morning or drop us an email- we'll always be happy to hear from you!

Likewise if you're bursting with other ideas on how we could raise money for the school that are unrelated to the fair- we'd also love to hear from you, so don't feel that just because we don't currently run an event that we wouldn't do in the future- the PTA is for everyone and all ideas are welcome.

In the past we have held an international food evening- with families bringing dishes to share as an opportunity to try something new and to get to know other parents and carers.  We've also had autumn fairs, a winter fair, and a clothes show! Recent suggestions that we'd love to explore further include discos, book swaps, and homework clubs- so if any of those sound good and you'd like to be involved, just get in touch.

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