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Odd Project

Hello to the Alma Park Community from Rachel, Jo, Becky, Steve, Kate and Amanda at the Odd Project!

Activities from The Odd Project team:

We wanted to offer these projects as a way to stay connected and support the Alma Park community during the lockdown. Some of them are just for fun, some are research projects. Please take a look and see if there is anything you’d like to join in with! 


1. Share your Odd Stories  

Have you got a short ‘Odd Story’ written or drawn during the lockdown that you would like to share? Kate and Steve will work with the school to bring together your stories/images and share them here on the website. 

We hope these could later be turned into a book for Alma Park. 

You can photograph your stories and send them to j.ray@mmu.ac.uk  

Please put ‘Odd Story’ in the email header.


Consent and Privacy


2. Stories from home 

Rachel would like to work with 3 - 5 families to create an archive of this time.  Each member of a family is invited to send one thing a day. This could be: a photo, a video, a word, a story, an audio file, a drawing, an object...  

The archive will change and grow and will be visible on this site. 

If you are interested in getting involved with this archive work, please contact j.ray@mmu.ac.uk


Consent and Privacy


3. Inside / Out: Photography

Ms Birelo (Yr 3 teacher), Rachel (from the Odd Project) and Ciara Leeming (an Alma Park parent and local artist), have been thinking about how the school is still school, a community even though we are apart physically. How can we document this ‘diffuse’ school? 

Ciara has been making photos of Levenshulme during the lockdown – you can see some of them Here


We invite children in 3B to take photos from inside their homes looking outside or looking through things to a world outside.

to see beyond, to sense, to imagine if, to whistle into, to fly with, to peep at, to dream about, to squeeze through, to tunnel into, to shout down, to crawl through, to spy on, to shrink into, to sing along with, to stare at, to break out, to

These would be shared here as a gallery, anonymously.  

Please send your Inside / Out photos to j.ray@mmu.ac.uk

Please put ‘Inside/Out’ in the email header and the date of the photo.


Consent and Privacy


4.‘Storytime’ and Play-dates

Jo will offer a story reading for any children from 1WH who want to join in. Amanda will join in listening with other children, in Position of Child, just as when she was in school. 

Following this, Amanda and Jo hope to offer online ‘play-dates’. These sessions will focus on play with materials, dressing up, drawing, lego for example. 

We will organise with parents and carers to set times and dates, and to discuss further how this can best work for them.

Would you like to find out more, and take part in a storytime/playdate? Please email Jo at  j.ray@mmu.ac.uk

Consent and Privacy


5.Flat Sheets

Jo and Becky are making some packs of paper for collage and making.  They are printed with images of surfaces, textures, screens, patterns and pictures from the Curious Club/after school club at Alma Park, and from Jo and Becky’s lockdown homes.

Let us know if you want a pack! Please send a postal address to j.ray@mmu.ac.uk with these, you can do whatever you want

Cut, tape, draw, stick, cover, peep, weave, rip, pierce, pleat, fold, make aeroplanes, outfits, accessories, posters, piles, hats, (or nothing at all!)

If you want to share anything on the Alma Park website, or just with Becky and Jo please send your work to us using the stamped addressed envelope we will provide.

Alternatively, you could photograph and send images to j.ray@mmu.ac.uk with ‘Flat Sheets’ in the email header.


Consent and Privacy


Your personal data:

If you contact us about any of the projects, we will keep your contact details securely and only for the duration of the Odd project. Please let us know you prefer us not to keep your details. ou can ask us to delete your personal details at any time by emailing j.ray@mmu.ac.uk





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