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Alma Park is a place where every person has the right to be themselves, to be included and to learn in a safe and happy environment. We live in a society which generally assumes that everyone is heterosexual and has a fixed gender identity. This can make some Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) individuals feel excluded, isolated or unwelcome. We believe that everyone at Alma Park school is equal and should be treated with respect and kindness. Celebrating different families and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying is crucial to making the whole school community including school staff feel welcome, and accepted for who they are.

Our commitment to equality for all is supported by the law. Under the Equalities Act (2010) schools must show due regard to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation

Homophobic or biphobic bullying is bullying someone because they are lesbian, gay or bisexual, or because you think they are, or because they have a family of two mums or two dads.

Transphobic bullying is bullying someone because they are transgender (someone who feels the gender they are given as a baby doesn’t match the gender that they feel themselves to be), or because you think they are transgender.

  • Foster good relations
  • Advance equality of opportunity

Positive education around Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) identities is important to us at Alma Park. It’s essential that all children and staff feel included and that they are able to talk freely about their families. To support us to become more LGBT+ friendly we are currently working towards The Rainbow Flag Award accredited by The Proud Trust. A Rainbow Flag school has earned all the different colour award for the specific strands of work they have successfully completed around LGBT+ education including skilled teachers and inclusive curriculum  awards. 

If you would like any more information on LGBT+ identities and coming out, please see the links below.

School Policies:

PSED policy and action plan

Anti-Bullying Policy

Help beyond Alma Park

At Alma Park we always work closely with our families to help children feeling distressed or needing support.

We have a range of organisations to signpost you to if you require further advice; please come and talk to Mr Parfitt or Ms Houghton if you require such information.

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