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This 8-day course forms part of an Erasmus+ funded project that our school is taking part in. Alma Park staff participation will impact not only on individuals skills and confidence but on the foreign language provision across the  school

Below is a list of areas we will be preparing.

Erasmus+ Project objectives and expectations • Preparing pupils and colleagues

  • British Council documentation: 
    1. Europass Language Passport
    2. Learning Agreements (BC call these Mobility Agreements)
    3. Quality Assurance 
    4. Participant Surveys
  • Linguistic preparation
  • Networking (the group)
  • Building links (the French school)

Miss Clark and Miss Lie are the first participants from Alma Park to undertake the PQ France course. Check back on this page for regular updates and to find out what they will be doing and learning about in France. 

Jour Un - Vendredi 2 Novembre 2018

Miss Lie and I are at the airport with Annick and Albert. We are all very excited about the trip to Carcassonne and can not wait to get on the plane. 

We arrived in Carcassonne and the first place we visited was the hotel. We dropped off our bags and then headed out into the city.  Our first stop was a visit to La Cite. Annick and Albert were amazed by the old city within the ancient walls. They could not believe that people used to work and live inside with their animals.

Albert was very excited about le grand and le petite puie. He leaned over the side of the well and nearly fell in! Fortunately, Miss Lie saved him.  

Annick showed Miss Clark the suits of armour in one of the shops.  She was very eager to try on one of the helmets and pose for the camera. 

Annick, Albert and Miss Lie know that France has some of the best food in the world. They were all keen to help Miss Clark to order the tastiest dishes from the menu. After a delicious meal, we all walked back to the hotel with full bellies. We cannot wait to see what discoveries we will make tomorrow. 

Jour deux - 3 Novembre 2018

Today was a study day. We got to meet our French teachers and practice our French grammar and vocabulary. 

Our teachers Mai and Emmanuelle

Our teachers Mai and Emmanuelle

We practised the phrase ‘Je suis perdu.’ Which means I am lost and then practised giving each other directions in French.

We learnt...

Straight ahead - tout droit

Turn left - tourne a gauche 

Turn right - tourne a droite

in front of - en face 

Behind - derrière 

In the evening we went out for dinner in La Cité. On the walk, Annick shouted "Regarde la!" We all turned around to look and saw the beautiful cite lit up with the night sky above it. We took a photo so that we could all remember it. 

Jour trois - 4 November 2018

Today we went to visit La Cité to practice asking for things in French while we are shopping. We found lots of amazing shops to browse in. Albert found a fantastic soap shop and had a go at washing his hands with lavender soap. Soap in French is savon and to wash is laver.    

 We explored the area and went for a walk along Le Canal du Midi. The canal is beautiful with trees all the way along it.

After our walk, we came back to the hotel to do some more work on the resources that we are making for our school. On the way, we passed a man who gives people rides in a carriage pulled by his two beautiful chevaux. Annick got to sit up high by the driver's seat. She was thrilled.

Jour quatre - 5 Novembre 2018

Today we all had French class first thing in the morning. Albert and Annick adore our French teachers and are trying their very best to learn more French vocabulary. Mai shared some books with us so that we can do our homework and study in the hotel before we go to bed at night. 

After French class we went out to play Petanque. It is a very famous French game that many people enjoy playing in their spare time. French people are very serious about the game so first we had to learn all the rules. Albert and Annick would like to buy a set of balls and teach everyone how to play at Alma Park.

Miss Lie was especially good and Annick found a high up place to sit so that she could watch. 

On the way back to the hotel Albert spotted a traditional French carousel. He sat with Annick in Le Petit Prince, an aeroplane from a very famous French story. Do you know the story of Le Petit Prince? If you don't Annick and Albert would like to set you a challenge to find out about it? 

May 2019

The next two participants to visit Carcassonne on our PQ France training will be Mr. Parfitt and Miss Solley. They will travel to France from the 17th May - 24th May. They are both looking forward to experiencing French culture and also taking part in the language classes with Mai and Emmanuelle. We can't wait to hear about what they will be learning. 

17  May 2019

Hugo, Paul, Madam Solley and I met some new friends at Manchester airport.
We were soon flying south towards Carcassonne..... we left sunshine to arrive in rain.... heavy rain.
I hope Hugo and Paul have brought water coats and wellies. They said it felt like they hadn’t left Manchester! I’m not sure what they mean but I think they’ll be ok when they start their French lessons.

A bientot P, H, Mme Solley& M Parfitt.

Meeting new friends in Manchester

Getting ready to fly

Learning a few French words


4  October 2019


We have arrived in beautiful Carcassonne. Here is a photo of what the inside of the medevil city looks like. The area surrounding Carcassonne is picuresque. There are fields, vineyards and of course the famous Canal du Midi. Did you know that the canal was built to transport wine to the north of France? Amazing! 

This is the Grand Puit. That means 'big well' in French. People who lived in the old city would have gotten their water from here. It must have been a really busy place. 

In French class we played a game of guess who. We learnt how to talk about people hair colour, eye colour and the french words for accessories such as glasses. Les Lunettes!

We were really lucky to be able to learn about how wine is made in France. We got to take a tour of the vineyard and to taste some French wine while we were on our training course. 


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