6LB Short Story Wonder Writers!


Dream, by Katie Bishop

It was all a blur. I picked myself up and approached the edge. The city was so empty, yet my head felt so full. I didn’t think. They don’t understand, I couldn’t think! My life was smothering the positivity inside; there was only one way to end it. I tripped. I slipped. I die. It started and ended all at the same time. The next world was calm! It was calm, here… in Deadwood…


Dream, by Muneeb

Once there was a man, who lived in a little, old house. He went on holiday in London and he bought a big, new house. Every night he went to bed at 9 o’clock. The man had a dream. He was in a big and beautiful house. Suddenly, he woke up on a tall building. He was standing on the edge. He slipped. He tripped. He died. Deadwood…


Dream, by Fabiha Jeasmin

Wow! It’s seriously blurry! Actually it’s okay (a bit!). As I slowly forced myself to stand up from an awkward position, I fell dramatically. I don’t know why but I felt like I was awake. I felt like I could hear Steve doing the countdown for me to jump, but it wasn't. It can’t be! I then knew it was my countdown to death. After that I know where I am heading to…Deadwood, heaven. I knew I was dead not in a dream but in reality.


Not a Dream, Poppy Ticer

Bang to suicidal death! Now he was living in his second life. His hell was in his past. All he wanted to do was see his family. This was his heaven. Vanished had the sins and with them the bad memories. Smiling was the one main he had done while he was in this new world. Smile after smile after smile after smile. You could tell he was about to burst with joy. He pinched himself. This was not a dream…


A dream?, by Frank Baker

Excitement, perseverance, but (is it safe?) I jumped. Blur…blur…blur; my mind was in a coma, a lake, but now, in Deadwood. I saw a train, then a car, then… a hospital bed…my parents crying desperately for my life and the sound of the doctor saying “I’m sorry!” It was hopeless. I wasn't in a dream, nor my life now.


Dream, by Dunya Bueler

“My life is over, there’s no point being alive anymore” I thought to myself. I stood up high on a tall, tall building. Suddenly I jumped off. As I fell towards my death, I decided… I didn’t want to die anymore.

Then I woke up in a magical land, I saw a sparkling waterfall. Is this heaven? I thought NO NO NO! It is all a dream. I’m not dead!

I can’t be…


Dream, by Aroush Shahzad
Blurred vision! He got up. He slipped. He fell of the edge of a tall skyscraper. As he went down, he dreamt that he travelled the world.


Dream, by Aiza Saleem Ullah 
Crystal waters and emerald green bushes I dreamt. Deadwood with heavy, ancient steam trains and speeding cars. I saw the car coming towards me. Suddenly, I was exploring a clean, rich mansion. Flickering fire and white petite lights dangling. Gloomy skies; grey clouds; blurry vision. Finally, I awake but not on the ground, I seemed to be on a tall skyscraper. I saw a blanket of pebbles. Crunch, crunch. I felt dizzy. I felt pressure! With no time to think, I FELL! Like a bird with a broken wing. My life was over…but my dream wasn’t.


Deadwood Dream, by Ellie Sluyter

I ran. I tripped. I fell. Hours later, I had awoken, the fear and uncertainty controlling me, sending waves of pain crashing down in my tsunami of a head. But I knew that no matter how far or fast I had ran, I could never have ran away from the Deadwood Dream. But a hopeless, panicky thought sparked in my mind, settling on the dry timber there, lighting a roaring fire! It blazed inside me, I couldn’t ignore it, or it would’ve killed me! Even then I knew I couldn’t run, but I thought I could hide. I took a deep breath, and dreamt.

I was so young when I died. My life was over, but the Deadwood Dream isn’t.


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