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RL 2019 - 2020

Miss Lynch

Ms Mrozek

Adults who work in RL: Miss Lynch, Mrs Bousie, Mrs D

Working with children at home

Please find below the work set for your children to do during the school closure. The work that we have provided is optional for you to complete. Each week we will put a new set of work on the school website for you to access and download. All of the work that has been set so far during the closure can be found on our Google Drive. To go to the Google Drive  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DW5L6IRuRCyym32aZoN42eAUvHkYFcdc

We love to receive emails and photographs about what your children have been up to at home. We are also here if you would like to email us with any questions you might have about your child’s learning. You can contact us on the reception email,  reception@almapark.manchester.sch.uk 

All of the resources that we are providing you with do not require a printer. You can complete the work on the computer or use a piece of paper to write them out.
If you are using a mobile phone to access the work sent, then you will need to get the work from the Google Drive, click HERE

We would also like to remind you that the children can access a fantastic reading programme called ‘Reading Eggs’  HERE  &  We recommend that you visit the ‘White Rose Home Learning’ page to access some amazing activities to support your child’s learning in maths. HERE

Week beginning 25th May - HALF TERM

Hi Everyone this week is half term. We hope you have a well deserved rest and enjoy the lovely weather. We have provided some fun creative activities for you to try this week if you want too. Have a lovely half term!

Please find this weeks work at the bottom of the page to download in a zip folder or click HERE to access google drive



Local walk- go for a lovely walk! Can you spot things beginning with each letter of the alphabet? You could take a pencil and piece of paper to note down what you find.

Challenge: Can you select one of the letters you successfully found something for and write a sentence about it. Could you use the word ‘and’ to join your ideas together? For example: F for flower. I saw a big red flower.

Tricky Words- Phase 3 and 4

Using the link below please revisit the Phase 3 tricky words. Can you read them? Can you practise writing them?


Using the link below please practise the Phase 4 tricky words. Can you read them? Can you practise writing them?



Pattern- Collecting items from the house, garden or local walk can children create a pattern? For example blue, red, blue, red etc

Pattern types -Once children are secure with alternating patterns they can tackle more complex pattern structures:

ABC has more items in the unit of repeat, but all different, e.g. red, blue, yellow; red, blue, yellow…

ABB is more challenging because they have two items within the same unit of repeat, e.g. red, blue, blue; red, blue, blue…

ABBC is more complex because it is longer, with three items, but also includes items which are the same, e.g. red, blue, blue, yellow; red, blue, blue, yellow…

AABB may be simpler as there are just two items, both repeated, e.g. red, red, blue, blue; red, red, blue, blue…

People and Communities:  Eid al-Fitr is on Sunday 24th May

Eid is a time when Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan (fasting). The link below has videos which follow Amirah as she decorates her house, prays with all her family at the mosque and gets her hands painted in preparation for Eid al-Fitr.


Challenge: Can you write a sentence about your own Eid al-Fitr celebrations? Can you use the Eid Recipe Book (download from bottom of page/google drive) which contains lots of lovely recipes perfect for Eid.

Creative – Spring

As the days become warmer new colours are appearing all around us. On your next walk can you think about what new colours you can see from green leaves to blossoming flowers? Can you use what you see and find around you to create a piece of art?

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