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Digital Leaders 2018 - 2019

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders Club is every Monday at the ICT Suite. We update the school website, and fix anything bugs/glitches or anything wrong with the computers.

Mr Bullivant

Hello, we are the Digital Leaders. We are part of the Computing Team (with Mr Bullivant and Jim). Our jobs include updating the school website, writing the Alma Park Blog (Alma Park News) as well as our own Blog and (coming soon) podcast.

You can identify us from our badges, which has the above logo

29/01/14:  Today we had our first session on managing the school website. We are the Alma Park Bloggers!!

12/02/14:  In digital leaders we have been controlling the punctuallity (fruit machine) on Fridays. Also, today we have been going round the classes asking the teachers questions for their class pages. Some of the questions we asked was about what topics they are doing next term and which teachers worked in their classes.

19/03/14: Today, Maisie, Sana and Frank have been busy helping update the Hearing Impaired, 6H and 2O's blog. Unfortunately the Hearing Impaired haven't got their pictures ready so we will have to do it tomorrow! We have had lots of fun being Digital Leaders. The Digtal Leaders will do the podcast soon.


30/4/14: We have now made the Podcast videos. Look on the Alma Park website to see them. Maisie and Sana made a video about KS1 spellings, Frank made a video about puctuation speech correctly and Ahmad made a video about adjectives. We hope you learn lots from them!


2/2/15: We are so sorry for the long delay, we have been extremely busy the for the past few months but we are back on track and starting afresh. Today we are updating the website and Ellie is exploring Minecraft to see how it is educational. She has so far discovered; how you can find out the area of the island and any houses/buildings; you can use a compass/map to help your navigation skills and you can also use the setting to write a detailed description. 

3/6/15 Recently, in English we have been writing  a character description of our favourite book characters.

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