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Working with children at home

If your children are at home due to school closure, there are plenty of tasks for them complete which were outlined in the home learning packs they took home. Each child was also given a username and password to log into the virtual learning environment aspect of the website, on here there have been pages set up to discuss each of the tasks set for them. If they are unsure about what to do they should be encouraged to log on and ask me any questions.

The home learning packs also included some useful weblinks which are also on your child's web page when they sign in. 



Every day they should being going on Mathletics, where assigned activites have been set for them. Once the activities have been done they can also go on the learning hub and play 'Live' against other children. I will be checking Mathletics daily and assigning those children who have completed their activities 3 new things each day. In addition to this, I have also set some children a problem solving and reasoning task. This can be found in the orange Explore tab at the top of the Mathletics home page. If they get stuck when doing these there is an ask my teacher part on the right hand side I can then respond to help (I won't be able to reply straight away but I will endevour to do so within a day). When they have completed the Explore task I can also provide them with feedback.


Reading Eggs

Your child has also been given a 'Reading Eggs' log in and are expected to read every day. If possible, listen to your child read every day. I will set one comprehension and one spelling activitiy on Reading Eggs every Friday which the children will have a week to complete.

In addition, the following link will take you downloadable documents and a link to a cloud based folder containing work.


If you need to contact us at Year 6, please email 



This morning (3rd April) should have been Brainbuilder morning. It would be lovely to share anything that has been done. Please take a picture and send it to the email address above so that it can be put on the website. 


Stitch Head The Ghost of Grotteskew, read by Miss Solley. 

Every 2-3 days I will upload a chapter form the story Stitch Head the Ghost of Greotteskew. I will include some suggested acitivites you may want to do once you have heard and read along with the chapter or you can just listen along. Keep your eyes peeled...the first instalment will be on the class page soon.....

Michael Thame novels on youtube


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