5S 2017 - 2018

Ms Solley

In class 5S the Teachers are Miss Solley Miss Makinson Miss Lie and Miss Watt.

Year 5 spellings

Termly Plans


During this Summer term, Year 5 will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, including how where they came from, where they settled and how it changed Britain. Using Geographical skills such as understanding topography and how the landscape affects where they might of settled  We will enhance our learning with at visit to Tatton Park, where the children can dress up for the day and live life as a Vicking or Anglo-Saxon would. Our Science topic this term has a Biology focus and includes life cycles of plants and animals. .

The children will be doing Gym this term where they will be building on skills taught and learning how to sequence moves together. As well as learning how to vault on to apparatus and how to complete a headstand.

For more details of all aspects of this terms teaching please see the Medium Term Plans.

PE – Tennis and Athlectics

DT/Art – Moving toys and Anglo-Saxon Longhouses

Science – life cycles of animals and plants.

Humanities – The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings 

PHSCE - Growing and Changing 

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