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5H 2019 - 2020

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Working with children at home

Please understand that these activities are merely suggestions for things you could do at home. We understand that every family is dealing with this situation differently. The Year 5 team has no expectations for the amount or quality of work which is completed.

If you can, try to find some time for:

Reading: Your child can log on to Reading Eggs where they can do activities set and read for pleasure or they can read a book with you and by themselves, and talk about what they have read.

Learn some times tables or practise their times table grids to improve their speed of recall.

Write something for a purpose, like a letter or email to a relative or neighbour. Or a diary of this event. This can be done in their yellow book. If you need more stationary, the school can provide some. 

We are all trying our best to navigate this situation.

Please find below the work set for your children to do during the school closure. The work that we have provided is optional for you to complete. Each week we will put a new set of work on the school website for you to access and download. All of the work that has been set so far during the closure can be found on our Google Drive. To go to the Google Drive please click here. for all documents or here for the weekly work past and present. 

If you are using a mobile phone to access the work sent, then you will need to get the work from the Google Drive.

if you need any log in details or want to contact us at Year 5, please email 

year5@almapark.manchester.sch.uk one of us will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Week beginning 6th July

Below is a timetable for your child; there will be links to the pages of work that they could do.



English – The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites

Day One – Learn the text and match the vocabulary

In this workbook, we are going to be writing an information text about a type of elf or sprite. Of course, these are mythological figures. Even though this is a non-fiction genre of writing, we can still be inventive and creative. We like calling it FACTION because the form fits information about facts but the content is fiction.

Read the text. Create some actions to remember. Look at the list of vocabulary and match the word to it’s definition.

Day Two – Draw a cave elf

Read the text and act out your actions.

In the box, draw an adult cave elf with a toddler and label them with information taken from the writing.

Day Three – Where do cave elves live?

Read the text and act out your actions.

Look carefully at the map. Mark the spot where you think cave elves might live. Give three reasons for your answer.

Day Four – Design a cave elf’s menu

Read the text and act out the actions.

Using some of the ingredients, create a menu for a cave elf’s lunch.



Day Five – What’s in a cave elf’s knapsack?

Read the text and act out the actions.

Cave elves have to make occasional journeys to the market in order to buy provisions or seeds for their gardens. What 6 things might you find in a cave elf’s knapsack?

Science – Developmental milestones

As we grow up, our body and mind go through different milestones. These are things that we begin to do as our body and brain develop. These are from birth all the way to adolescence.

You challenge is to put the milestones in the correct order. Each stage or age range have 5 or 6 milestones. Can you put them in the correct order? You can print off the document which is here or present it another way.  

The answers are also available and can be found here. Good Luck.


World Events – 7th July

On 7th July it is World Chocolate day. Yippeeee!!! There are lots of different ways that you could celebrate this day………most of it by eating chocolate. In case you want some others, try these.

      1. Find out where does chocolate come from and how do you make it? Is it traded fairly?

Look at this website for more ideas and information. https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resource/the-story-of-chocolate-unwrapping-the-bar/

Here are some activities and ideas to try linked to chocolate fair trade.

      1. Read a story about chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my favourite). You can visit the Roald Dahl website to get some more information and ideas. https://www.roalddahl.com/roald-dahl/stories/a-e/charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory


      1. Design your own chocolate factory. What you put in it and how is it made?


Show us what you made and we can put it on our class pages. Good luck.

Mr Grant

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