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5G 2019 - 2020

Mr Grant

Ms Bailey

Teaching 5G are Mr Grant and Mr Martin-Bird. In addition to this, Mme Lié and Miss Osborne will be teaching French and Music. Some children will also be supported by Miss Devine during the day.

Working with children at home


Writing ideas can be found on the Google Drive, just follow the link for writing. For Grammar and punctuation, there are various PowerPoints and activities to try at home.

Below you will find links to pages already on this website, as well as downloadable documents and a link to a cloud based folder containing work.


Reading comprehension – They have been assigned through Reading eggs – click on the purple box when you log in.


Each child has their own log in details.

There are also reading comprehensions on the Google Drive – Have a look at them all and choose one a week.

Spellings – This is also set through Reading Eggs.


This half term we were planning to do a range of experiments in class about light. Can you find a way to prove that light travels in a straight line? On the Google Drive link there is an experiment about shadows. Have a look and see if you can carry it out.


5-a-Day will be put on the Google Drive with answers from the previous day. Maths assignments will be done through Mathletics. Once assignments are done, you can either continue on the same page until your bar has gone green, or go on the EXPLORE tab at the top where there are more problem solving activities to complete.


Each child has their own log in.

They can also use https://mathsframe.co.uk/ to practise different maths topics through playing fun games.

Username:almapark Password:Mathsframe2017


This last half term we have been looking at Natural Disasters – Check out Google Drive in the Topic folder.


Have a go at drawing any object around your home or in your garden. Look at the direction of the sunlight,  and how that creates different shades on the object. Pay particular attention to the shadows.

Physical Education

For a fun work out every morning at 9am join Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel. Click on the link below to get to his page and then select the workout for the day. If you have not done one yet you could try and do the ones from last week too.

Or you can set yourself a challenge each day. How many star jumps can you do in one minute? Try and keep a chart for the week so that you can see how many you have done each day.

Joe Wicks website link


For gymnastics you could try out Matt Whitlock’s keeping fit at home.


There are some useful web links that were in your pack that are also on your child's web page when they sign in (every child was given their log in details). 

The BBC has some fantastic resources for children so I would also recommend going on that.

If you need to contact us at Year 5, please email 



Autumn 1

This term we were studying Earth and Space and Forces. To enrich the Science curriculum, we visited Jodrell Bank and participated in some outstanding investigations to enrich our knowledge of space. We produced some great Brainbuilder work from it.


The first half term we will be doing Gymnastics on a Tuesday and Outdoor Games on a Thursday.

Autumn 2

This half term we learnt a dance routine for our Christmas performance. For the performance we will be making Christmas hats. In food technology we will be making dips as part of our Day of the Dead celebrations.


In addition to the half termly Brain Builder, children will be given weekly spellings, which we expect them to learn, they must also practise their times tables and read every night to an adult.

Year 5 spellings

In year 5 the children will either be learning speelings that focus on a prticular patter or word form the Year 5 and 6 Spelling list.


Spring 1

This half term we have been investigating Properties of Materials in Science. We investigated how to insulate an ice cube. We brought differnt items from home and used these to wrap/encase the ice cube. We waited until the end of the day to see how we did. Some did very well...others not so much.


In maths we have been focusing on multiplication of 4x1 digits and 2x2 digit. We used concrete apparatus to aid in our understanding.



Michael Thame novels on youtube



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