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4HB 2019 - 2020

Ms Howard

Ms Bailey

Working with children at home

Please understand that these activities are merely suggestions for things you could do at home. We understand that every family is dealing with this situation differently. The Year 4 team has no expectations for the amount or quality of work which is completed.

If you can, try to find some time for:

Reading, with you and by themselves, and talk about what they have read.

Learn some times tables and the linked division facts

Write something for a purpose, like a letter or email to a relative or neighbour. Or a diary of this event.

We are all trying our best to navigate this situation.

Please find below the work set for your children to do during the school closure. The work that we have provided is optional for you to complete. Each week we will put a new set of work on the school website for you to access and download. All of the work that has been set so far during the closure can be found on our Google Drive. To go to the Google Drive please click here . It can also be found in the zip folder below.

If you are using a mobile phone to access the work sent, then you will need to get the work from the Google Drive.

All of the resources that we are providing you with do not require a printer. You can complete the work on the computer or use a piece of paper to write them out.

If you have any questions about the work set or how to find your children's login details please email year4@almapark.manchester.sch.uk and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

You also have access to the following websites

Reading Eggs –Please click HERE

Mathletics –Please click HERE

Week Beginning July 6th

There are two ways to access the work we have outlined below.

  1. Underneath the text on our class page in a tab called Week Beginning July 6th  planning & resources
  2. Our google drive please click HERE.

If you are using a smart phone or tablet you will need to access the documents using the google drive link.

The document called planning will tell you all the information you need for each activity. If you have any questions about the work please email year4@almapark.manchester.sch.uk

English- The Impossibly Possible-Final Week

Monday-Can you design a goblin party? Complete the Goblin Menu activity on page 21. Want to try something new? Try the Nettle fritter recipe on page 22. Remember to get an adult

Tuesday-Can you design and make a goblin necklace by completing the activity on page 23. Make sure you write a description of your necklace using expanded noun phrases. For example- The glimmering, pearlescent gem with the golden ribbon sat elegantly on the goblin’s necklace.

Wednesday- Use the resources on pages 24-27 to plan your own goblin story. Make sure you complete the grid on page 27. You do not need to print it off just make your own grid on paper at home.

Thursday- Use page 28 to guide you to write your story. Remember to refer back to your plan from yesterday. Can you include expanded noun phrases to add detail? Include some speech between your characters remembering to use the correct punctuation.

Friday- Like the advice on page 28 a story needs editing and improving. Re-read your story. Does it make sense? Is it correctly punctuated-including any speech you have used? Have you included expanded noun phrases for detail?

We have now reached the end of this unit of work. Well done! If you enjoyed this work on goblins there are some reading recommendations on page 28 of similar magical stories.

Now complete this week’s comprehension task-The Red Planet. There are three levels of comprehension to choose from- * is tricky, ** trickier and *** trickiest. Only complete one. Answers follow on.


Click here to access the White Rose video clips for year 4. Open the lessons labelled week 11 (w/c July 6th). All the worksheets and the answers can be found in the resources file on this page or on Google Drive (see earlier comments).

Monday- Start your lesson with today’s 4 a day. Remember you do not have to stick with one colour level. You might start with a red addition then challenge yourself to an orange subtraction for example.

White Rose Lesson 1- Identify Angles

Watch the video clip and complete the linked worksheet. If you finish quite quickly try a space themed challenge card they can be found in the Maths folder. 

Tuesday- Start your lesson with today’s 4 a day.

White Rose Lesson 2- Quadrilaterals. Watch the video clip and complete the linked worksheet. If you finish quite quickly try a space themed challenge card they can be found in the Maths folder. 

Wednesday- Start your lesson with today’s 4 a day.

White Rose Lesson 3-Compare and Order Angles. Watch the video clip and complete the linked worksheet. If you finish quite quickly try a space themed challenge card they can be found in the Maths folder. 

Thursday- Start your lesson with today’s 4 a day.

White Rose Lesson 4-Triangles. Watch the video clip and complete the linked worksheet. If you finish quite quickly try a space themed challenge card they can be found in the Maths folder. 

Friday- Get ready to take on your Maths space mission! To get ready for the challenge make sure to complete your Mathletics tasks first. Then visit the Maths folder for space themed multiplication activities and games. Answers follow on afterwards. Now you have rehearsed your skills complete your weekly speed grid. Good luck!

Other Subject Areas-Space  

Science & PE-Jump for the Moon

Astronauts have to be fit and agile for their missions to space. Can you design an obstacle course in your garden or home space and put your agility to the test! Can you find your pulse and count your heart rate before and after exercising? Can you make a chart or table to record your results?

Did you know stronger bones help astronauts stay safer while performing all of their assigned tasks – whether in a space vehicle, on the moon, Mars, or once back on Earth? Click here to find out more.

Your bones become stronger when you do exercises that support your weight, such as running or jumping. Train like an astronaut by skipping on the spot for 60 seconds without stopping. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. Vary and extend by adding jumping jacks, travelling forward and by increasing length of time.

Read Jump for the moon in this week’s resource folder for full details of the challenge.

Find out more about your amazing bones and muscles by clicking here and watching the BBC bitesize clips.

Computing-Our Solar System What do you already know about space? Create a mind map to show your knowledge. Can they name the planets in our solar system? Can they remember them in order or create their own mnemonic to help them? Can you research the characteristics of a planet e.g. what is it made of? What size is it? How close to the Sun is it? Can you create a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation on a planet of your choice? These facts about Mars or these facts about space may be a good starting point. This week’s comprehension on Mars will help too. 

Design & Technology-Blast off! Can you design a new spacesuit suitable for an astronaut? You will need to consider which materials would be most suitable, comfort for the astronauts and the temperature in space. Design a logo for the spacesuit too.

History-One Giant Leap for Mankind Find out about Neil Armstrong. Who was he and what challenges did he have to overcome during his life? Can you write a biography or create a piece of drama about Neil Armstrong’s life and achievements?

P4C-Out of this World- If space travel was made more accessible and you could go on holiday to space, would you like to be the first space tourist? Can you think of arguments for and against being the first space tourist? Is it unethical for millionaires to spend their money on space tourism or should they spend all their money on reducing poverty? Prepare a speech about this discussion point.


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