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Mr Bullivant

Welcome to 2B

Adults who work here:

Mr Bullivant and Ms McDonald.

Welcome to our class page. Here you will get a taste of what is happening in our classroom each half term. Use the information shared to discuss with your child what learning has taken place. 

Working with children at home

Please understand that these activities are merely suggestions for things you could do at home. We understand that every family is dealing with this situation differently. The Year 2 team has no expectations for the amount or quality of work which is completed.

If you can, try to find some time for:

Reading, with you and by themselves, and talk about what they have read.

Learn some times tables

Write something for a purpose, like a letter or email to a relative or neighbour. Or a diary of this event.

We are all trying our best to navigate this situation.

Please find below the work set for your children to do during the school closure. The work that we have provided is optional for you to complete. Each week we will put a new set of work on the school website for you to access and download. All of the work that has been set so far during the closure can be found on our Google Drive. To go to the Google Drive please click here. It can also be found in the zip folder below.

If you are using a mobile phone to access the work sent, then you will need to get the work from the Google Drive.

All of the resources that we are providing you with do not require a printer. You can complete the work on the computer or use a piece of paper to write them out.

Some weeks there will also be work on the VLE (virtual learning environment) to complete. If you have any questions about the work set or how to find your children's login details please email year2@almapark.manchester.sch.uk and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

You also have access to the following websites. If you need their login details please email year2@almapark.manchester.sch.uk

Reading Eggs - click here

All Year 2 lessons by Mr Bullivant - click here

Week Beginning 6th July

All the work that we have explained can be downloaded from

  1. Underneath the text on our class page in a tab called Week Beginning 6th July planning and resources
  2. Our google drive please go to here

If you are using a smart phone or tablet you will need to access the documents using the google drive link.

The document called planning will tell you all the information you need for each activity. If you have any questions about the work please email year2@almapark.manchester.sch.uk


This week we are work through the Talk 4 Writing Booklet “The Elves and the Shoemaker” You can find the PDF of the booklet in the English Folder. You do not need to print any of it off if you do not want to.

Monday –Read pages 1-6 of the booklet. You might know this story. Read the story (or listen to it via the link) and answer the questions on page 6. Watch this version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0-9b0S42HI&index=52&list=PLqhER2nhXxjd5c4Ox3XWEKIXw-uT9cALw what is the same what is different?

Tuesday – Read or listen to the story again. Make a story map- don’t forget to use drawings that will make you remember. Practice learning the story using the story map, remember to use actions to help you remember. Answer Pepper’s questions on pages 7 and 8.

Wednesday – Carry on learning your story map. Tell the story to someone else using your story map and actions. Complete Jas’ word games on page 9 and 10

Thursday – Read Mr and Mrs Cobbler’s letter to the Elves, page 12. Write a reply pretending to be the Elves. Use a question, exclamation sentence, expended noun phrase and a list sentence.

Friday – Page 14 asks you to write a story based on the Elves and The Shoemaker. You need to change the elves names and who they are helping. Use your story map to help you plan it. Change the parts you want to change on the story map. Share your story on the discussion board on the VLE called The Helpful Elves. WATCH Mr BULLIVANT'S VIDEO LESSON BELOW TO HELP UPLEVEL SENTENCES


For the rest of this term we are going to make sure we cover the work for the expected standards in Maths for Year 2. This week it is it is best to follow the sequence of lessons. We are looking at recognizing coins and using different coins to make amounts.

Monday – Lets start by remembering what the different coins are. Watch this lesson and do the activities. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z6tv382

Tuesday – Today we are going to look at making amounts of money with different coins. How many ways can you make 10p? Can you make it with 1 coin? 2 coins? 3 coins? 4 coins? 5 coins? Any more ways? Watch this lesson and do the activities.


Wednesday – Timetables. Play at least 4 different times tables games at https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/times-tables

Thursday – Today we are comparing amounts of money and remember how to do greater than and less than.

Watch this lesson and do the activities.


Friday – HOT TASK – complete the sheet 10.7.20, it is on the VLE Homework, in the folder below and on the Google Drive


We are finishing our beach topic this week; we hope you enjoyed it and will be able to go to a beach really soon. Using all the information you have learnt this half term, write a leaflet about a beach people will want to visit, or draw a picture with the information on it, or write a non-chronological report on beaches, or make a PowerPoint on beaches.


On page 11 of the Elves and the Shoe Maker Booklet, it asks you to design three sets of clothes. These can be anything you want them to be. Maybe draw and cut out a paper doll to put you designs on (if you do this you can draw little tabs to cut out on the clothes so you can attach them to the paper dolls). Examples of paper dolls can be found in the Other Subjects folder.

Reading Comprehension

On READING EGGSPRESS there is a comprehension for you to complete called Songbirds.

Physical Education

This week try the Daily Fitness Challenge from Manchester City. Find it in the Other Subjects Folder- no need to print it off, draw your own table. Also play the Active at Home game that is in the folder. To even things up, before you do any exercise, do a warm up with Marcus Rashford (available until Thursday)  



On page 15 and 16 of the Elves and the Shoe Maker Booklet is an investigation into materials- very similar to one we did earlier this year. Carry out the investigation and write the instructions of how to do it.

Watch https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrssgk7/articles/z9pgcdm


We are going to look at Judaism for the next two weeks. This week we are going to look at how the religion began and two particularly important prophets. Complete these two lessons.




Termly Plans

Year 2 Spelling

Multiplication Speed Grid

x2 x5 x10 Times Tables

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