Nursery 2017 - 2018

Miss Clark


During Autumn 2 we will be very busy.  We will be doing lots of fun activities and talking about our story The Gingerbread Man. 

In Nursery we are focusing on learning new words and speaking in full sentences. The children are now beginning to hear the initial sound in a word. Talk to your child at home and see if they can hear the first sound 'b' in the word bed. Can they hear the first sound in other words? Can they hear more sounds in other words? 

We will also be learning to recognise our numbers from 0-10 and how to do careful counting by touching each object and lining them up as we count.

The children have settled into Nursery well and are enjoying the start of their learning journey. Each week we send home their Brain Builder books. Please do read the books and complete the activities with your child at home. This will support your child's learning and make our parent and carer/teacher partnerships even stronger.

We love to hear about special events and trips that your child has taken part in. Please feel free to take a 'Parent/Carer Child Observation Sheet' from the blue box by the nursery door. Fill it out at home and bring it back to us when you are ready. These sheets can go into your child's 'Special Book' and are a great talking point during group sessions. 

Adults who work here:

Miss Clark, Miss Chowdhury, Miss Bannerman and Mrs Waugh


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