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Nursery 2019 - 2020

Ms Mrozek

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During Spring 2 we will be doing lots of fun activities and talking about our traditional tale The Little Red Hen. We will be creating our own story map and encouraging the children to retell the story themselves. We will also be learning about the different animals you can find on a farm. The Little Red Hen planted the wheat and watched how to grew, we will be looking at how things grow too. 


The children in Nursery have been trying very hard to write their names in the morning. If your child is struggling trying to write his/her full name please focus on one letter at a time and build up the name. Always encourage your child to try to form the letters independently, instead of holding your child's hand, as he/she writes, model the direction and ask them to do the same. Once the children can write their names we will take away the name card and they will have to find their photo and write their name. 


The children have done so well with their counting and number skills so far this year. This half term we will work on numbers 6 and 7. Encourage your child to count out an amount and stop at the requested number of items. Touch counting is also very important. As your child counts a group of items we encourage him/her to put them into a line one at a time, saying one number name for each item. Practise this skill at home so that your child can master counting. 

If your child can already count out a certain amount and touch count we move him/her on to looking at one more/one less than the number of the week and the different ways in which this number can be made.

This week the number is 6.   One more is 7

                                               One less is 5

    3 and 3 make 6                            2 and 4 make 6                      1 and 5 make 6 

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Each week we send home the children's Brain Builder books. Please do read the brain builder sheet and complete the activities with your child at home. This will support your child's learning and make our parent and carer/teacher partnerships even stronger. This really is the best way to support your child. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to us. 


We love to hear about special events and trips that your child has taken part in. Please take a 'Parent/Carer Child Observation Sheet' from the blue box by the nursery door. Fill it out at home and bring it back to us when you are ready. These sheets can go into your child's 'Special Book' and are a great talking point during group sessions. 

Adults who work here:

Miss Clark, Miss Chowdhury, Miss Osborne and Mrs Taylor


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